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Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in India 2011

January 15th, 2011 Posted by VFreshers

When you are searching for a job or already in one, you want to set your eyes on the top highest paying jobs. These lucrative jobs have great money attached to them along with extreme job satisfaction and liberal perks. The future for these high paying jobs is really high and brings on a great career option for people to go ahead and train themselves to become a part of this great earning potential pie.

1. IT Sector :

The IT Sector has been growing by leaps and bounds and a job in this sector in any department pays far more than in others. There is always a demand for IT professionals and the supply is always less than the demand which puts you in great bargaining position.

2. Management Fields :

The CEOs of great companies earn phenomenal amounts and so do the others beneath them. If you have a management degree from a renowned institute in India, then the sky is the limit for you.

3. Chartered Accountants :

If you can be a wizard at accounts and numbers, then the job options are phenomenal. You can call the shots where the salary decisions are concerned and get the best pay package for yourself.

4. BPOs and KPOs :

With the global recession waning, these ITES linked jobs are back in the market and looking for great talent. Besides a wonderful salary you have other perks as well to consider for yourself.

5. Law Field :

Lawyers of all kinds are in great demand and you will be able to get into specialized law fields that are mushrooming and earn tremendously.

6. Healthcare :

Doctors, medical assistants and the nursing sector have never had it so good. With several corporate hospitals coming up and functioning in India, the salaries that they offer are the kind that has never been heard of before this.

7. Education :

As more and more people and the government wake up to the fact of the importance of the education sector for the prosperity of the country and its people, there are jobs and great salaries to be earned out here.

8. Engineering :

Engineering jobs in the best of companies continue to pay high salaries that are far more than the market rate in order to attract the very best. If you have a combination of engineering and management on your resume then the sky is the limit for you.

9. Certified Financial Accountants and Company Secretary :

Accounts and being good at figures will get you a job in this field that will pay you tremendous returns.

10. Sports Field :

The Sports Field is another sector that has been growing and several people have realized the potential of working in this sector. The plus point here is that there is a demand that far outweighs the supply and therefore, you can go ahead and demand the kind of salary that you would like to be paid.

All of these offer not only high salary but great perks, career growth and a recession proof career.

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