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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in USA

February 1st, 2011 Posted by VFreshers

With the global recession and the way the economy is everyone is looking to get into a career and job that offers them a good amount of salary. The latest labor statistics in the US show that these are the ten highest paying jobs in the country. There are certain segments that pay more such as the medical and dental field, business and technology along with management, airlines, law and engineering. Therefore, if you are looking for a well paying industry to get into, then this is the one.

1. The medical field consists of several jobs that really pay well. On top of the heap are Surgeons with an annual salary of about $206,770. Then come the Anesthesiologists at $197,570, Orthodontists at $194,930 and Obstetrician and Gynecologists at $192,780 , Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons: $190,420

2. In the medical field but in a different league and at a lower rung of the ladder are the Internists at $176,740, Prosthodontists at $169,810, Physicians at $165,000 and the Family and General Practitioners at $161,490.

3. CEOs are at the third category and if you are looking for great pay scales then they end up making as much as $160,440 for themselves.

4. Next on the list are specialized medical doctors such as Dentists at $154,270, Psychiatrists at $154,050, Pediatricians at$153,370, Specialist Dentists at $142,070 and Podiatrists at $125,760

5. If you have a law degree then there can be no better earnings then as Lawyers who make as much as $124,750 annually.

6. Natural Sciences Managers make almost as much as $123,140.

7. Engineering Managers are next at $120,580. The pay can be more based on the specific subject and stream that they have specialized in. For instance, Petroleum Engineers are at $119,140.

8. Pilots make quite a bit and can be more than $119,750. This also depends on the airline that they join and the number of years of flying expereince that they have.

9. Computer and Information Systems Managers are in great demand and can end up making $118,710 for themselves.

10. Marketing Managers can get for themselves $118,160 and as a . Sales Managers $110,390.

The thing to be noted is that these highest paying jobs might not be linked with the highest amount of job satisfaction. Another thing that is noted in the United States is that most of these high paying jobs might never be advertised. They are recruited by means of networking or liaising with top head hunting agencies. This is supposed to be great privilege information and if you are registered with the right agencies you will get a privy to them.

There are tons of high money jobs in the US. The only thing is that you should have the right qualifications and expereince for them as well as know what the right places to be looking for them are. Armed with these two you can go on and get one of the best jobs into your kitty.

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