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Top 10 Job Sites in the World

January 15th, 2011 Posted by VFreshers

More and more people are getting themselves to the job market fold and this makes it a great boon to know the top job websites in the world. As the recession ebbs and people return to searching for jobs or a job shift, the best of job websites can be of extreme help to one.
Here are the top 10 job websites from around the world: Happy searching!

1. Monster.com :

Continues to remain right on top and is one of the best places to start your job search from. It gives you several tools, resources and help in the job hunting process. In fact, takes out much of the pain from job hunting.

2. Job.com :

Has the greatest of international reaches and that is what makes it what it is. You can also specify the specific part of the world that you want your job search to narrow down to.

3. HotJobs.com :

Is a part of Yahoo and is the closest competitor to the top two job websites. The content is phenomenal and the job search has been devised to be absolutely user friendly.

4. Indeed.com :

Is an effective and yet absolutely simple and easy to maneuver around website. These qualities of it have gone on to earn it several fans all over the world. Job seekers return to it time and again for the benefits it gets them.

5. Net Temps :

This is the job site for part time as well as full time jobs. This kind of filter allows you to get to the jobs of your choice right away.

6. CareerBuilder.com :

Offers several different kinds of career building tools like a place to be able to post your resume, find jobs specified according to the companies that you would like to work for and also the specific industry.

7. AllJobSearch.com :

Has the potential to search through several different searches that are as many as 200 websites and get the relevant results for you. This is a great time saving endeavor that gets the results effectively. You will be surprised at how accurate and precise the results provided are.

8. SimplyHired.com :

This is the website that has the most fabulous of job searching tools embedded in it. Right from the email alerts that you can set for jobs of your interest to the research on specific companies and industries as well as the salary information, all of it is to be found right out here under one roof.

9. USA.gov :

If you are looking for a government job in the US then this is the website that will give you all the information about the various disciplines, job roles and the vacancies.

10. CollegeRecruiter.com :

Is the right place for a college or university graduate to search for their first entry level position. It has a vast reach and can fetch you the results after searching thousands of websites for it.

These are the websites that will make your job hunting a simple option and not a chore.

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