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Top 10 Science Fiction Books

January 25th, 2011 Posted by supriya

Science Fiction has always been the area often visited by writers who experiment with fiction  and give the readers a ride of fantasy flavoured with logic of science and  visionary technology. Here is a list that gives you a list of best science fiction books,m not arranges in any particular order..
1. The Time Machine
Written by H.G. Wells, The time machine was first published byin 1985. It narrates the story of lodon based amateur inventor who believes in the fact that time is the fourth dimension and thus invents a machine that carries him along this fourth dimension to the future.
2. The Lensman Series
This E E Doc Smith Series was the first set of science fiction novels conceived as a series. It wont be wrong to say that this series defined the entire sci-fi genre and revolutionised it with innovative concepts.
3. Stranger in a strange land
Stranger in a strange land tells the story of Valentine Michael Smith, a human brought up on the planet Mars, upon his return to Earth in adulthood. Robert Heinlein who is the author of this award winning book has thus attracted many readers who normally would not have read a science fiction.
4. 2001 – A Space Odyssey
An epic science fiction narrative written by  Arthur Clarke was also produced as a movie in the year 1968. The book and the movie were supposed to complement each other. This work of fiction is based on the alien civilization.
5. Fahrenheit 451
451 degrees Fahrenheit is stated as “the temperature at which book-paper catches fire, and burns …”. Ray Bradbury in his novel potrays anti-intellectual America that completely abandons self-control and bans the possession of books in unspecifies time of the future.
6. The Foundation Series
This is an addictive series by Isaac Asimov where he introduces a concept of psychohistory that helps to predict the future. Its addictive because if you start with novel one you won’t stop till novel fourteen.
7. Slaughterhouse-Five
This book by Kurt Vonnegut is a blend of science fiction and human conditions written on a time travel plot.
8. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
This novel is an unique science fiction comedy series created by Douglas Adams. Interesting characters make this fiction all the more fun with a flavour of adventure and comedy.
9. Dune, by Frank Herbert
Frequently cited as the best-selling science fiction novel in history, Dune is set in the future telling the story of young Paul Atreides as he and his family relocate to the planet Arrakis. It is a must read and so far the most popular and critically acclaimed novel of this genre.
10. Neuromancer
William Gibson, the author of this famous sci-fi novel invented the whole “Cyberpunk” subgenre with this book. This novel has many sequels, however, this one is original and an excellent work of fiction.

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