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Top 10 Startup Business Ideas for 2011

January 14th, 2011 Posted by VFreshers

If you have always had the yearnings to become an entrepreneur and start a business of your own, then this is certainly the right time to go on and take the leap of faith and start one.

Usually, the start of the New Year is when people make new resolutions and if yours has been to startup a business of your own then here are the ten best ideas to help you do so. There are several tons of opportunities and chances around. These ideas are certainly going to inspire you on the right track and then of course the sky is the limit.

1.Health and Sports linked products:

All of us have woken up to the fact about how important it is to look good and that is how there is a whole new market out there for products that are based on increasing one’s overall health as well as give one more of muscle mass, stamina and help in competitive sports. The best thing about this kind of business that is linked with Health and Sports products is that once your customers like your products there will be repeat orders.

2. Writing and outsourcing work:

If you are good at writing or web design, then you can get work outsourced to you and work on your own and earn a living.

3. Virtual Assistant:

If you can be systematic and organized, then no matter where you are in the world geographically, you can go on to offer your services as a VA.

4. Event Management:

There are plenty of events to market products and they need professionals to manage those.

5. Online Retail:

Most of the customers are online these days and therefore online retail can be the most cost effective of businesses with no huge startup capital required.

6. Environment Friendly and Go Green Products:

Everyone knows the importance of guarding our planet and therefore are looking for environmentally friendly products to enable them to do so.

7. Catering:

Food is always a priority on everyone’s list and busy people have no time to prepare it. This is your chance to get into this ever growing market.

8. Marketing and Social Media consultant:

This is certainly the buzz and everyone wants to hop on to the band wagon but don’t know how. If you are a wizard at online marketing or how to make social media work for one, then you have a readymade small business just waiting for you to tap into.

9. Cloud Computing:

This is a huge untapped market just waiting to be discovered. This helps cut costs and enhances productivity and that is exactly what most people are looking for.

10. Personalized Products:

Personalized Products are the latest as people want to stand out from the crowd. If you can provide them with products that are just made for them and enhance their brand, then you will have them reaching out for your unique and innovative products for sure.

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