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Top 10 Student Resume Tips

January 15th, 2011 Posted by VFreshers

It is extremely important that you go on to write your resume so as to be able to get the call for that all so important interview. Your resume is going to be like your foot in the door and you want to be sure that the resume gets you the right amount of attention. Here are the ten top tips to ensure that it does:

1. Ensure that your resume is as specific as possible :

There are many students who make the mistake of making their resumes vague and ambiguous. Make certain that you have enough dates, details and specifications in it.

2. Think from the point of view of the HR manager :

Change the perspective when writing your resume. Look for what an HR manager or the interviewer will be looking for and put that into your resume.

3. A professional looking resume is a must :

Your resume should look professional and have all the chronological and accepted sequential features to it.

4. Eye-catching and captivating :

Anything attractive is going to get the requisite attention. Add on the right touches to it to make it functional and aesthetic. The wrapping does matter.

5. Bring attention to academic and other pursuits :

Both academics and your other pursuits and achievements should be given enough attention to be able to showcase yourself as a complete person.

6. Make sure that your resume stands out :

The advertiser is going to receive thousands of resumes and if yours can stand out in any way then the chances of you getting a call for the interview, multiply many times over.

7. Get it professionally written or reviewed by a friend :

If you are not sure of your resume writing skills then get it written by a profession or else ask a friend to go through it and give their suggestions.

8. Perfect grammar and spelling :

Bad grammar and spelling errors in the resume are unforgivable and only go on to portray your carelessness and lackadaisical attitude. This will certainly not leave a good impression on the reader’s mind.

9. The beginning should be impactful and grasp the reader’s attention :

The beginning of the resume that contains the objective must be eye-riveting and get your resume noticed. Grasp the reader’s attention immediately by the use of power words that are interesting and precise.

10. Match the skills with the position that you are applying for :

Study the advertisement carefully and go about and match the skills that are wanted with the skills, training and credentials that you have. You should be able to strongly prove that you are going to be the right match and bring to the table the right amounts and kinds of skills that they are looking for.

If you take care of all of these tips and put them into your resume, you are bound to get a call for an interview. These impressions, your resume goes on to make really counts in the long run.

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