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Top Ranked One Year MBA Programs in India

May 8th, 2011 Posted by VFreshers

ISB Hyderabad Campus

ISB Hyderabad Campus

There are several working professionals who are looking towards enhancing their career prospects and growth and therefore want to take a break from work and continue their studies. There can be nothing better than a one year MBA program in India.

However what one needs to keep in mind is the kind of institution that one attends in order to ensure that one does get back the right return on investment not only on the money that one has spent but also on the time and effort that has been put in.

The topmost name that emerges in the one year MBA program list is GLIM (Great Lakes Institute of Managament) at Chennai. They continue to hold forth with the right kind of faculty that is a good mix of Indian and international ones, the best of infrastructure and an ambience that is conducive to learning and a great amount of varied placements.

Next on the list is ISB. ISB continues to feature high on the list and has earned a tremendously good reputation for itself. You will be able to earn a good amount of money at the end of the course and the placements offered by them are fabulous. When you compare ISB you will realize that they are ahead of the race in several measures and offer the students one of the best of options that are available.

The next two institutions on the list that are almost neck to neck is IIM Ahmedabad and S. P. Jain. Both of these are extremely top-notch and have the most fantastic of placements, faculty and a reputation in the market that is known to churn out students of an excellent caliber. They offer a range of different kinds of subjects and electives for the students to choose from. The skills that one hones out here can be immediately transported to the work environment.

The others are the other IIMs, XLRI and MDI that offer an equal amount of advantage to the students. They too offer a program that is excellent and has on offer a great amount of return on investment. They have several different kinds of study option and courses and have plenty of financial aid on offer to choose from.

The thing that you need to do is to research these institutes and find out which of them are going to be the best fit for you based on the criteria that you are looking for. Also, you will have to consider the cost factor, the kind of faculty that they have and ultimately the kind of placements that they are able to garner for their students. Eventually, it is the brand that the institution projects and for these top ten no- one can deny the brand equity that they carry on their shoulders. They are able to get the best potential out of the students who join them and the interactive sessions and case studies are highly beneficial.

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