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Top Ten Careers For Women in 2011

January 15th, 2011 Posted by VFreshers

If you are a woman and considering which careers are going to be really hot and well paying in the year 2011, then read on. Choosing the right career can make a great difference to your life and happiness and therefore you want to be ultra careful with the one that you go about to choose.
Here are some of the most lucrative of career options for women in 2011. The global recession has brought about a change in the way people look at jobs. Some of these jobs have remained steadfast and strong and others have fallen on the way.

1. Computer Software Engineers :

This is one field that has been growing by leaps and bounds and will bring to you great benefits if you are able to get your coding and applications right.

2. Lawyers :

Though this was a male dominated career, women have gone on to make great leeway into it and achieved great success.

3. Pharmacists :

This is a great career option with lots of growth potential and a bright future lined with it.

4. Human Resource:

Every organization has a need for this department and the growth path can be phenomenal in a role of this kind.

5. Language and Speech Therapists :

This is a specialized skill and women are known to be good in languages.

6. Registered Nurses :

If you love to take care of people and want to be in the medical field but not be a doctor, then this is the career that you should choose for yourself. It is a recession proof career and jobs are easily available all over the globe.

7. Psychologists :

As life becomes a grind and more and more people seek outside help to solve their problems and the disintegration of families, the role of a psychologist gains importance. Women are natural nurturers and as a trained psychologist can really earn a great name for themselves.

8. Media and Journalism :

The media has never been as strong as it is now and the multi-faceted channels that a person interested in this field can work in. There are several options out here with a whole lot of glamour, growth and lucrative benefits associated with it.

9. Education :

This is a sector that is recession proof and is growing by leaps and bounds. There are several newer opportunities in higher education that are sprouting up every single day. This year the field of education is certainly going to have newer and more enticing flavors to it.

10. Sports Instructors and Trainers :

People look for trained instructors and trainers to guide them in their endeavor to remain fit and keep diseases at bay. If you are an exercise freak and have the right certifications under your belt, then you can make a great career out of this field.

Choose the right career for yourself this year and you will be able to propel yourself on the path to great achievements and job satisfaction.

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